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Lievore Altherr Molina was created in 1991 by the merging of its three partners: Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr and Manel Molina.
Since its founding, the studio has been devoted to product design, consulting and the art direction of various companies, always offering individualised solutions. Throughout the years the studio has been recognised for its furniture design, its interior design projects, its products, and packaging.
Simultaneously, the studio has developed an intense teaching practice, giving seminars and training courses to new professionals at various Spanish universities and other organisations.
The studio has been awarded many national and international awards, including Spain's National Design Award in 1999.
Lievore Altherr Molina has exhibited their work in Barcelona, Cologne, Chicago, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisbon, London, Lousiana, Madrid, Malmö, Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo.
Their ideas and projects are regularly published in the most prestigious design magazines around the world.

Alberto Lievore
Jeannette Altherr
Manel Molina
Glety Pérez - Operations
Raimon Monsarro - Designer
Delphine Désile - Designer
Bet Raventós - Designer
Alejandro Valdés - Designer
Dennis Park - Designer
Daniel Castro - Designer


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The annual Salone del Mobile de Milano is the showcase for most of the projects that we develop with our clients and offers us the opportunity to present our most recent work.

"Saya is the result of the search for a design inspired by the home, by feelings of warmth and life. Wood seemed the best material with which to express this evocation and we chose laminate because it symbolizes a constructive synthesis, a continuous, lightweight surface. When it came to defining the shape, we took a highly expressive, graphic chair back as a departure point, which ended up resembling a hug. We cut out miniature paper models, we played with them and we discovered different possibilities revealed with each fold. The Saya silhouette takes on the character of an animal – with four legs and a curved neck – which we feel has a soul, like a living being. Saya is moving and emotive, light and defined, sensual and soft.

Once the structure had been defined, we investigated colors we could combine to extend the possibilities for the wood. We selected finishes in natural veneer and three tones of red. Veneered, or colored, Saya can be used alone or in a group. Alone it is unique. In a group, it creates a lively rhythm and pattern."

Red dot design award: best of the best 2013


"Triangular in form and modular in nature, Ply is a system of low tables and stools  rendered in fluid lines of wood. Engineered to create a continuous line from top through legs, its reduced silhouette and warm material complement its dynamic form. Alone or in groups, Ply’s playful geometry of surfaces is like the game of Tangram, shape and color work together to create open compositions."


"Music is all in the composition, in the arrangement of diverse tones to create a harmonious, engaging whole. Song is a freestanding or wall-mounted coat hanger composed of eight arms, shaped like musical notes that twist and turn to create diverse, dynamic compositions. Though designed to serve a purpose, it serves well as an object of visual play and geometry, well suited to any space in need of hanging, interest and engagement. Add coats, scarves, a hat and it comes to life.
Wing, a wall-mounted coat hanger, animates a wall with the flow and movement of its gently striated arms that twist and turn to create sculptural like composition. Together or alone it projects a soft, undulating form, further animated by use, a perfect complement to any space.
Cuscini are pillows add comfort and expression to the landscape of Arper collections, integrating color, pattern, texture, and drawing to the field. Graphic themes explore a range of expression between geometric and organic, abstract and figurative."


"Lighting is a very broad area of our work, which we have cultivated since the early days of the studio, and one that has experienced constant evolution. Today’s new LED technology obliges us to rethink the way we design lamps; not just because it involves a new light source, but also as it requires new shapes and volumes. The lighting projects we complete, for clients as diverse as Foscarini and Vibia, encompass an architectonic or directly expressive focus."

Skan (vibia) Design Plus Award at Frankfurt´s Light+Building Exhibition 2012


"Inspired by the branch of a tree, the Branch collection seeks harmony with nature. The synthetic, fluid, and organic forms of the structures in cast aluminum support the seat and backrest suggest artisanal hand-woven surfaces, offering refreshing comfort and a sensation of lightness that invites relaxation."


"We maintain a very special relationship with Arper. It began in 1999 with a single specific project but the results were so good that it soon became a constant collaboration that opened up a new avenue for the company. Initially we were only designing product, but later, in a very natural progression, we began to intervene in questions such as art direction and the definition of a corporate identity in collaboration with other professionals who were in tune with the concept being developed. When looking at our overall professional trajectory, we consider our relationship with Arper exemplary. Our involvement in the various aspects that comprise a project, from the product definition to its presentation and value within the corporate vision, optimises the results and strengthens the coherence of the entire process. With Arper, a professional relationship has culminated in a true alliance."
IF communication design award 2012 for Arper's Corporate Identity
Interior Innovation Award 2010: Best of The Best category "Best System" for Loop sofa
Red dot award: product design 2010 distinction  for high design quality for Loop sofa
Red dot Award communication design 2012 for Arper's corporated identity.


"Simplicity, grace, transparency, synthesis, icon..."
Leaf embodies Arper's defining values. It is almost a manifesto.
The three pieces that comprise the family exemplify how different functions and forms, even down to the cushion that assures their comfort, all interpret a single identity. Icons that express the Arper approach to outdoor living.
100% Blueprint Award 2005
Wallpaper Award "Best Outdoor Seat 2006"
ICFF Award 2006
IF Product Design Award 2007
Design Plus Award, Ambiente, Frankfurt 2007


"Catifa (Catalan for rug) encapsulates, in one word, maximum comfort with the slightest gesture. This chair is extremely light and it synthesises many references in a very fluid way.
We feel a particular fondness for this project because it harmoniously brings together all the values that interest us. It is a project of synthesis where formal austerity is achieved through the reduction of the superfluous, but without renouncing sensuality. Created with sophisticated technology, but without making a display of it, this design is timeless and universal.
Catifa is now a large collection with many different variations and finishes and has the ability to adapt to the most diverse situations without ever losing its identity."
Winner Best Leisure Product - FX International Interior Design Awards
Delta de Plata ADI-FAD 2003
Award Winner, 50 Jahre md. Jubiläaums - Award
"New Classic" prize, Schöner Wohnen New Classics
IF Product Design Award 2006
Red dot Design Award 2006
The Office Award 2010: Gold award in category "public chair" for Catifa 46
Interior Innovation Award 2010: Best of The Best category "Classic Innovation" for Catifa 53 (Arper)


"Perhaps our upholstered projects are what best reflect the adaptability of our work to the particular style and character of each company. We have developed singular and well-resolved offerings for clients as varied as Verzelloni, Tacchini, Arketipo and Poltrona Frau."


"Straddling East and West, laden with memories that "smiles back at us" from a collective imagery of varied classical references. Made of wood, the Smile collection combines visual lightness, structural robustness and a wide functional range, both for contract and home use. It is resolved in a direct, accessible and contemporary language."
The 4th Wallpaper Design Award 2008


"Our frequent collaboration with Andreu World, which began with the studio's establishment, has intensified and consolidated since 1999. Currently we are consultants, art directors, and product designers for this company in a collaboration to continually advance their product line and corporate identity. In this case, we strive to highlight Andreu World's potential as specialists in working with wood in conjunction with the development of new production lines that round out their long-established activity."
Andreu World won the prestigious National Design Award in 2009, in addition to numerous national and international prizes for their products.


"Tamago means "egg" in Japanese: it is the symbol of the start of a particular life. It is tenderness, innocence and humour without irony. It is the origin, the womb, the seed. It is motherly protection. Humour and love, curved, without any rough edges."
Shortlisted, Premio Delta ADI-FAD


"A summer home in Majorca conceived as a reinterpretation of an archetype of primordial Mediterranean architecture. It has an essential atmosphere; it is a fresh, luminous haven that contrasts with the island's summer heat. The interior has a distilled, generous space sculpted by light, while the exterior proposes a dialogue between reference points in the landscape, which is dry and almost graphic, traced with small sone fences."


"A bench designed in a single gesture with great synthesis of form. A structure that is formally very simple and structurally very durable, conceived with a minimum number of elements in order to achieve visual tranquillity that harmonizes with contemporary architecture.
Built of materials that, for their lightness and durability, are reminiscent of early aeronautics: the image of a bench like an airplane wing suspended in the air, supported by an almost ethereal structure."
Sellex won the prestigious National Design Award in 2011
1st Prize Winner, National Furniture Design Contest, FIM (Valencian International Furniture Fair)
Winner The Architectural Review award for product excellence at spectrum
Gold Delta Award, ADI-FAD (The Industrial Design for Development of Decorative Arts Association)
Gold Winner, Neocon, Chicago
AEPD Award, IX AEPD Design Awards (bestowed by the Spanish Design Professionals Association)
Best of Competition, Neocon, Chicago
Red dot design award 2006


"A small selection of tables and furniture that we like for their striking formal nature and their painstaking construction. These form part of larger collections for various clients."


"This collection is one of our most recent collaborations with Andreu World. We took on two challenges in its development: transmitting a sensual and essential memory, along with the enjoyment of outdoor life, characterised by the sun, breeze and water ; and achieving perfect adaptability to modern architecture environments.
The outdoor collection uses innovative materials such as "dark-roasted" wood and is an example of the continuous, calm, and meditated evolution of the Andreu World product line."

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